Unhealthy America

Recently, I went for a walk with my children to visit the local children’s activity museum. This museum offers activities and lessons in the arts of crafts, theater, & broadcasting, and in the sciences of agriculture, astrology, & physics. Most importantly, the children learn how education can be interactive and fun.

I was amazed, while there, the number of children under the age of 10 years who were physically heavier than the average child their age. As I continued to observe them, these children would inevitably meet up with their parents to share in the joy of what they were experiencing while at the museum. I should have been more amazed by what I saw, but was not. The parents were large-sized too!

It doesn’t take a team of doctors, researchers or new anchors to tell us that our nation is in a health crisis. As you are well aware, many of the people we associate with on a daily basis are stressed out, overweight, obese, or are plain ol’ sick & tired.  We in the United States, are blessed to be an industrialized nation with advance health care and wealth to spare, and yet, look around! We are not only in the largest economic lull since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, but we are also the most sick and in the poorest health, dare I say, we have ever been in.

According to an April 2008 study based on data from the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau, life expectancy in 180 U.S. counties have declined significantly since 1983. As  high blood pressure, obesity, Type II diabetes, and lung cancer continue to rise, the most outstanding news is that almost all of them are preventable. Lifestyle changes, including (but not limited to!) exercise, proper nutrition, and regular sleeping habits can make remarkable differences in your health. Even a few small changes can have long-last effects over the years that can improve the quality, and longevity, of our lives.

Instead of skimping over the above mentioned diseases and offering light suggestions, I will tackle each issue head-on with separate  blog entries. This will help all of us as we identify issues we either deal with personally, or have a loved one who is struggling.

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2 thoughts on “Unhealthy America

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. So many people fail to recognize their lifestyle choices are the largest contributing factor to their unhappiness: relationships, physical fitness, sleeplessness, spiritual balance and more. Everything we are, or we want to be, is interconnected. Thank you for your feedback!

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