Simple Soulutions to Get You Going

1. Make the decision to  be healthy. No one is responsible for your health but you. Acknowledge your  power in determining your well-being.

2. Plan to make your  health a priority. Before your day begins, decide what you will eat and  when you will work out. Reducing meals “on the fly” helps you make better  choices.

3. Get specific. Only specific, measurable goals with a timeline and deadline will keep you on  track. Don’t use “get in shape” as your goal. Define what “get in shape” means  to you. How many pounds do you want to lose? How much time will it take? What  do you want your cholesterol levels to be? Specific goals motivate and empower  (especially when you see progress).

4. Eat six small  nutrient-rich, calorie-sparse meals a day. Drink 80 ounces of water a day.  Make one day a week a “free day” when you can eat what you want. When you enjoy  your favorite foods once a week, your long-term goals are more reasonable.

5. Commit to your  workout schedule just like you would a meeting with your boss or an appointment  with your doctor. Treat it like there are negative consequences if you  skip—because there are!


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