Children Held Their Own Version of Tea Party at an Elementary School in the Bronx

By MIKE GRAHAM, SOUNDVIEW, N.Y. (WPIX) – Armed with hundreds of cans of soda and sugary drinks, Bronx children took matters into their own hands Thursday by pouring those drinks down the drain as part of an anti-obesity campaign.

Gathered at the Soundview Healthcare Network, the kids in the city’s unhealthiest borough sent a message that the time is now to fight juvenile obesity, diabetes and other related chronic illnesses.

The kids also surrounded themselves with mounds of sugar to illustrate what can be found in soda, sports drinks, juice drinks and other sugary beverages and snacks.

Students signed a pledge card promising to reduce their consumption of such products.

They also announced the creation of the “Road to Nutrition” program, in which a team of children and nutritionists and medical staff will visit day day care centers, schools, churches and youth organizations to conduct workshops on fitness and exercise, nutrition education and obesity prevention and awareness.


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