Lifestyle Changes: One Woman’s Journey to a New Her

Being a busy mom is difficult.

There are so many people pulling you in different directions. A lot of the time making time for you is not at the top of your priority list. Do you ever feel so tired you can’t think? Ever feel down about yourself and not think you have the energy to change anything?

You’re not alone.

I felt like that once too.

I had a few bad years filled with back problems, surgeries, prescription drugs, over-eating, weight gain, and even depression. One day, not long ago, something snapped in me… I was tired. Tired of being tired (sound familiar?).

So what now? How do I completely change my whole life and still take care of my family? I realized that in taking care of myself I was actually helping my family. EVERYTHING changed, because I changed my thinking.

I began to work out again

It was something I used to enjoy. It was hard at first, and even a little painful at times. After a few sessions I began to feel stronger and see a difference in my body. It only takes about 3 weeks to make something a habit… So within a couple weeks I was working out everyday.

I began running–something I have always hated— I now looked forward to every morning. I started out small… just running from one mailbox to the next and then walking a bit. The next day I would try to run a bit further or a little longer. I am learning the importance to always listen to my body. If I am stiff one morning, I take it easy by choosing a less strenuous workout. Other mornings I feel good, and I push myself harder. I’m now running 3+ miles a day.

You are the only person coming between you and your goals!

If you want to be healthy and active you can’t do it sitting on the couch. Even if it is just a 30 minute walk with the kids in the evening, it is something. And something is always better than nothing. Ask yourself everyday if the small choices you make are moving you closer or further from your goal…

The extra cookie during the afternoon snack? Taking the stairs instead of the elevator?


Don’t ever say “I don’t have time to work out.” Nonsense!! You always have time. I promise if you make time, before you know it, you will look forward to that time everyday. It gives you purpose, and strength. It gives you time to clear your head. I enjoy running because it is just me and the road. I choose whether I push it or not. But the point is that you get out there and try!!!

I will also add, I eat a very healthy, natural diet which has done wonders for me. You will find that when you get moving and start feeling better you will want to treat your body better, and that includes what you put in it.

Be a good role model to your family by eating healthy and being fit.

If you throw out the junk and fill your home with healthy options, your kids will eat healthy. Here are a few suggestions that has worked for my family:

1.) Include your family in the activities. Get new recipes and cook with the kids. They are much more likely to eat new food that they helped make.

2.) Have electronic free nights where you go outside and walk, or play tag.

3.) Sign up for a dance class or a Karate class with your children. They will thank you for having a more active role in their life. They will admire you for showing them how strong Moms can be!!

How has my life changed?

In the last 6 months I no longer need to take any prescriptions, have very little pain in my back and I also quit smoking. I feel better than I have in years! Anything is possible if you let it be. Change what you say to yourself. Instead of “I can’t”, choose to say “I will try!”. Stay positive and always love yourself!!! This isn’t about being a size 0. Its about being the best you you can be! You are a beautiful, strong woman inside… Make the outside just as strong!

Being healthy is a choice… One that only you can make.

What do you choose to do??

Kaci J. Monroe

When Kaci Monroe is not busy chasing three fun, active kids around the great state of Missouri, she is the proud wife of an Army Vet and the owner of Shootin’ Star Photography. Kaci actively participates in her children’s school activities and athletics, as well as offering up encouragement on a number of popular sites and blogs including

What to know more about Kaci or have a question about her workout routine? Post a comment below or shoot us an email! 🙂


One thought on “Lifestyle Changes: One Woman’s Journey to a New Her

  1. I hear ya! I went through the same thing (sans the smoking) after my third was born.. grabbed onto running.. loved it.. BAM … herniated disk.. now I struggle with healing and trying to find balance (while not turning into a giant pear!!). Good news.. there are many ways to stay fit.. still working on finding what inspires me, but I’ll get there. I wrote about my journey on my blog.. “my friend Zac Efron…” its a fun little essay.

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