Use Mind Power to Accelerate Weight Loss, Fitness & Life Results

You might wonder what mind power has to do with men & women’s fitness,  health and weight loss, after all, isn’t it about what you eat and how much you exercise?

Eating and exercise are certainly two thirds of the equation, but the remaining component is in your head, literally!

Motivation, desire, expectation and visualization are key concepts that, when understood and utilized, can be powerful ammunition that will accelerate your results.

Motivation to exercise and lose weight is probably what brought you to this page in the first place. However, maintaining or renewing your motivation to exercise can be a fleeting thing. It’s all too easy to become discouraged. Now I want to describe how mind power can drastically affect the speed and results of your fitness/weight loss program.

If you’ve never read Deepak Chopras‘ views and explanations of the mind-body connection in such books as ‘Quantum Healing’ or ‘The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire’ you should really consider doing so. His explanations of mind power are very involved and insightful, much more so than I’ll write here as he has written whole books on the concept. This really is powerful information!

Expectation and visualization are not often mentioned in fitness programs but they should be as mind power, or the influence of the mind over the body is much stronger than most people realize.

When you focus the power of your mind on the goal you seek, you will begin to influence the events that will produce the desired results.

Sounds a little like magic but this power of positive thinking has worked in documented cases involving advanced and ‘incurable’ cancer (as well as other diseases) to spontaneously cause the body to heal itself when conventional medicine had failed.

Why not direct this power toward all of your goals?

I am going to give you some instructions on how to use this ‘mind power’, which everyone possesses but few take advantage of, to reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

  • Draw a clear picture of your goals.

Your purpose (goal) in persuing a fitness plan should be written down. -eg- I will again be able to fit into a size 4 dress…  or losing 15 lbs of fat or gaining the necessary strength or endurance to enter a competition. Your goals will be individual and they will be moving targets. That is, when you achieve them (and you will) you set your sites on a new goal. The clear expectation that you will achieve your goals is a necessary part of ‘mind power’ so repeat it out loud every day.

  • Adjust from mere hoping and wishing to ‘Expectation’.

Goals and program firmly in hand, your desire to achieve your goals become an expectation. You will drop that 25lbs., you will again fit into that favorite dress (or suit), you will do what is necessary to land that job (you see, this technique works for all areas of your life). This positive mindset goes beyond desire and represents your commitment to succeed.

  • Visualization

Here’s where mind power really shines and it’s kind of fun. Paint an image in your mind of what you will look like and perform like upon reaching your goals. Take a ‘before’ picture to hang on frig and visualize what the ‘after’ picture will look like. Focus on that vision with intense concentration and do it often, everyday in fact.

Clear goals, expectations and visualization will all help to create and sustain the drive to push forward. The war is won one battle at a time in your mind first, and you will win!

  • Discipline

Ah, that naughty word! The lack of which causes many to falter. As failure is not an option in this scenario, you are going to follow the program faithfully.  You will set aside the time each day that is best for you to workout and it will become your own religion, in a manner of speaking. After a couple of weeks you will find that it becomes a habit and that is the key! Keep that vision in your mind. Remember that discipline will make the difference between success and failure.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice!

Ok, this visualization and mind power thing might seem a little far fetched, but ask anyone who practices meditation and you will learn of increased ability to focus and decreased stress in addition to many other benefits. Ask how often they practice meditation and most will respond ‘daily’.

Every day you should set aside a short time to quietly put your mind power to work. Do it before your regular workout session if possible. Think of it is a form of meditation, almost self-hypnosis that will help you maintain your focus and reinforce your motivation. Sit quietly, relax your thoughts and body (don’t fall asleep!), clear your head of the days chaos and concentrate on that body that will be yours. Absorb yourself in your visualization firmly believing it will come to pass.

And it will!


2 thoughts on “Use Mind Power to Accelerate Weight Loss, Fitness & Life Results

    • You are right! Positive mind power will benefit every aspect of our life. All we need to do is “believe” and “see” in our minds eye our finished goal and we will achieve it. Imagine what your leg muscles or abs will look like, or how great of a dance you will be, and Zumba will help you get there. Keep us posted on your benchmarks!

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