I Beat Back Temptation: One Woman’s Small (but BIG!) Victory

Often I am contacted by people from many different backgrounds and life situations looking for advice on how to change their lifestyle or improve the small changes they are already making. Nancy, from Indiana, sent me a Facebook message yesterday. But this time, she wasn’t seeking advice. Nancy wanted someone to share her joy with. Read below, in her own words, how she placed herself in a difficult situation, and how she worked hard to beat back temptation:

“I bought these bid delicious sugar and chocolate chip cookies at the store today for my kids. The ones from the bakery, and they are SOOOO good. After a fairly nutritionally negative day, I measured out my cup of chili (which is more than I thought!) and skipped the cheese and chips.

I bought myself a parfait of fresh blueberries and strawberries with whipped cream to replace the cookie. I was still tempted to have one, especially since my husband, kids and mother asked me if I wanted one. But I PASSED IT UP!

My son said “Mommy, it’s okay to have sweets sometimes.” I said “I know, but Mommy eats them more than ‘sometimes’ and that is why I’m in the state I’m in!”

It was really really hard to pass up that cookie, but I did!”

Congratulations Nancy! We are proud of you in passing up the cookie. I’m sure it was very difficult to do so when everyone around you appeared to be enjoying, maybe even savoring, the cookies.

I know she wasn’t seeking advice, but may I share a few words? Since no one is here to say one way or the other, I will assume everyone said “Yes.” 🙂

Nancy didn’t need to suffer all day with having to battle this temptation. She initially invited temptation into her home when she was in a place she should not have been visiting: The Bakery. Many of us needlessly struggle because of the initial choices we make. Our church leaders continuously advise us to avoid all manners and places of temptation that we can have the strength to make wise choices. Had Nancy not been at the Grocery Store Bakery, she wouldn’t have picked up the cookies to bring home. She even had the chance to put the cookies back on the shelf while still in the bakery, but didn’t. Then she had to fight harder than ever to not pick up a cookie when it was in her own home.

How differently could Nancy handle the situation? What other suggestions do you have that could have helped Nancy and her family to make this small (but BIG!) victory even larger?


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