House Plant Poisoning Prevention

Do you know your household plants? A few years ago while visiting family for the Christmas Holiday, there was quite a commotion around the house when a 2-year old was found eating one of the houseplants… and no one knew the name of plant or if it was poisonous.

House plants are a common cause of poisoning in children. This article will help you to identify poisonous indoor plants. The plants listed are the ones most asked about at Poison Control Centers. Also, if you don’t know the name of a plant, have it identified at a garden center near or you or check out

Common Toxic Plants






Jimson Weed





Dumb Cane











Virginia Creeper





Calla Lily



Do’s and Don’ts

  • Never eat any part of an unknown mushroom. Teach children never to put leaves, stems, bark, seeds or berries in their mouths.
  • Keep poisonous house plants out of reach of young children. Store bulbs and seeds out of sight and out of reach.
  • Learn to identify the poisonous plants in your yard and neighborhood. The poison control center identify a plant from a telephone description.
  • Do not assume a plant is safe because birds or other animals eat it.
  • Do not rely on cooking to destroy poison in plants. Be cautious when using plants in nature as medicine or tea; unwanted effects may occur.
  • Any plant may cause reactions in certain people.
  • If plant is eaten, remove the rest of the plant from the mouth. Rinse the mouth with water. Call poison control or your family doctor immediately.

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