What is Most Important to You?

Do you know what’s most important to you? If you want to “really” know what’s most important to you, look at how you spend your time. There’s your answer. Before you argue or debate this fact in your mind, think it all the way through. It really is revealing.

One of the greatest regrets many individuals express at the end of their lives is the lack of time they spent with their spouse, children, and special people. It’s time given to our loved ones and friends that fulfills us and brings meaning to our lives. Don’t let the “rat race” prevent you from investing in your valued relationships.

In my post Managing Life and Work with L.O.V.E. in February, I offered a few simple, and easily implementable new habits we can all make to show those who are most dear to us how important they really are. Take an honest look at your Lifestyle Strategies, the Organization of Your Day, your Values and personal Enjoyment to see how you can improve upon the things that are most important to you.


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