Creeping Weight Gain: The 100 Cal Difference

Eating just 100 fewer calories and burning 100 more calories everyday may be enough to stop the average one- to two-pound weight gain most adults experience every year.

Simple ways to cut 100 calories that you’ll never miss:

  • Replace a cup of pasta or rice with a cup of vegetables.
  • Order a 6-inch turkey or chicken sub instead of one made with tuna salad or cold cuts.
  • Have a whole-grain English muffin instead of a large bagel or croissant.
  • Choose vegetable soup instead of cream-based tomato or mushroom soup.
  • Snack on vegetables and low-fat yogurt dip instead of chips and salsa.

To burn 100 extra calories: Add a 15- to 20-minute power walk to your daily activity; do intense yard or house work for 30 minutes; or take a 30-minute bicycle ride.


2 thoughts on “Creeping Weight Gain: The 100 Cal Difference

  1. Another great way to cut out calories is to simply focus on your food while you eat. If you’re watching television or sitting at the computer, you are eating mindlessly. Instead, take a few minutes to eat – you’ll be able to remember what you’ve eaten, and studies show this actually helps you cut out needless snacking throughout the day.

    You can also change your desserts to include more fruit and less butter, sugar and flour. Here’s a recipe for a great apple dessert that won’t pack on empty calories:

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