Creative Decorating for Valentine’s Day

For the last few years I make the 14 Days of Valentines for my sweet hubby celebrating the fourteen days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Though my sweet hubby LOVES finding a surprise gift every day, and then shares with the world what he got, I only create the 14 Days of Valentines every other year to keep it fun and unexpected.

So what do I do on the “off” years?

Flower arrangements, candy heart boxes, and re-used white Christmas lights with red garland. All of the displays were beautiful, and no one would fault me re-creating anyone of those displays again. I feel happiest, though, when I can make something new and exciting for my family.

This year the theme is Candy & Sweets.

We recently moved to a new house that has an adorable fireplace mantel. When I explained my idea to the children about decorating the mantel with lots and lots of candy, each one of them became very excited to help gather the list of supplies we needed for this most unusual event (candy is not common in their diets).

With a short trip to the local Thrift Store to pick up a few vases (I like square-shaped vases… more contemporary) and to the local Winco grocery store to pick up candy and sweets in bulk, we had the makings of a great mantle. Add a paper-heart garland (click here for how-to directions by Crafty Betty Joana) and the mantel is complete.

Project CostsIMAG0368

4 Varieties of Candy: $11

3 Vases (I already owned two): $7

2 Scrapbooking Papers: $0.99

Total: $19

It only took an hour to create this look (this includes making the garland) with the help of my four-year-old daughter. And the best part? We (they, actually) can eat the decorations all month long! This makes for happy children and a happy hubby.

Valentine’s Day Candy, Shiny Glass Vases and Paper Garland: $19

Valentine’s Day Candy, Shiny Glass Vases and Paper Garland: $19


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