Paying Kindness Forward

Daily Acts of KindnessOne blog I enjoyed to read was called “Little Things Matter” by blogger and author Todd Smith. When he was actively writing, Todd revealed that indeed the little things can influence every part of our lives and make all the difference. In the 200 posts he has archived on his site, the Little Things Matter lessons pertain to all of us as we build positive relationships with our family, neighbors and co-workers.

Before the holiday season begins, I want to focus on giving, uplifting and edifying those around me with daily acts of kindness. I will be writing posts with images, videos or stories that are meant to inspire, encourage and demonstrate love… all things that appear to be lacking in society. We will see, though, that goodness is not dead but is very much alive. Please share your comments and words of encouragement at the end of the posts… maybe you’re experiences or thoughts will help someone else who is struggling. Why tear one another down, when instead, we can build one another up?

Today’s post: Paying acts of kindness forward. This short 3- minute video with story entitled “Paid in Full” is compiled by Mac Anderson of Simple Truths. There are certain stories that just get stuck in our head…changing the way we look at life. Over the next three minutes, you’re about to experience one of those stories. I’m interested to know if it touched you as much as it has impacted me.
Have a great day today!





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