Managing Life and Work with L.O.V.E.

Do you work eight hours, enjoy recreational activities for eight hours and sleep eight hours everyday? Probably not. Not many of us are able to perfectly divide the three important areas of life into three equal time segments. Typically, life-work balance is a myth. Instead, busy employees, resolute business owners and multi-tasking executives ought to focus on balancing work and life with a little bit of L.O.V.E.

Lifestyle Strategies

Too busy to exercise? Many people cut down on exercise when they exercise increased work demands. Others fast through long hours at the job, while their companions binge on any junk they can get their hands on. Many sleep less to work more. Let’s rethink a formula that works: To keep a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious food at regular intervals, exercise at least 30 minutes daily, find ways to relax and make sure your sleep refreshes your busy mind.

Organize your day

Like to be spontaneous? That’s wonderful, but keep the surprises for special occasions. For everyday responsibilities, the busiest folks succeed by planning, prioritizing and organizing their hectic schedules. Many struggle with overlapping responsibilities. When this happens, healthy lifestyles and important activities with the family are pushed to the bottom of the list. Keep your priorities in check: Plan ahead so you will be efficient within your time constraints.


Do you say you cherish your significant relationships, but in reality spend dwindling time with loved ones? What you think and say doesn’t match your actions. You are not in alignment if you value excellence but submit sloppy work or if you say you love spending time with your kids but never make the time. Sometimes people get so busy they forget to revisit their true motivation to work to create better lives for the people they love. Take the time to find out what’s truly important to you.


Do you wake up thinking you will have an amazing day or do you make a list of the the bad things that will probably happen? Your outlook on life may be predisposing you to win or lose. Perhaps you are working like two or three people at work, you just lost your main account and your family talks to you only when they need something. How about making a list of what you enjoy from work, of the people who love your products or services, and the cherished times when you and your family laugh together? Have the intention to enjoy each and every day.


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